grand ballroom

In addition to restaurants and karaoke, we also have a large building which we named GRAND BALLROOM. Which has a very large room and can be used for any event such as weddings, auctions of goods, and others.

victoria function room 

The victoria function room is only a small room but very comfortable. It can also be used for Wedding Organizer or brides. And it can also be used for thematic shooting locations and can be decorated according to your own request.

KASPIA function room 

This Kaspian function room can also be used for large events such as weddings, meetings, farewell events and others with a fairly large capacity with a closed room and will feel comfortable.

mediterania function room

Mediterranean multi-purpose room where this room is like a comfortable living room and is functioned for the bride's family and friends.

arafura function room 

Besides kaspia, mediterania, dan victoria function room, we also have a Japanese-style thematic room called the Arafura function room and can be used as a presentation room whenever there is a simple meeting.

KARABIA function room 

the karibia is on the 5th floor, a simple but comfortable place that can be used for various events. Such as weddings, reunions, corporate events and can also be used for other meeting events.